Oct 31(Mon) ~ Nov 2nd(Wed), 2022


Convention Hall, 1F, Maison Glad Jeju, Jeju, Korea

Main Theme

The Future of Science Parks in the Post-Corona Era

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About 300 people, including ASPA members, domestic and foreign science complex research institutes, companies, universities, educational institutes related to science and technology.

Program Agenda

Category Time Details Remarks
Pre-event (Oct 31st) : ASPA the Board of Directors
Registration 15:30~16:00 30` Registration ASPA

Hall (2F)
ASPA the Board
of Directors
16:00~17:00 60` ASPA the Board of Directors
Break 17:00~18:00 60` Networking Break
Dinner 18:00~19:30 90` Welcome Dinner
November 1st : ASPA Annual Conference
Registration 09:00~10:00 60` Registration Convention
Hall (1F)
10:00~10:30 30` Opening Announcement & Opening Remarks & Congratulatory Remarks

The Future of
Science Parks in the
Post-Corona Era
10:30~10:50 20` Future of STPs in the Post-corona Era
- Dr. Yeong-Junaq Wang, President, Asian Science Park Association Director General, Hsinchu Science Park Bureau
Session 1 [Session 1] Environment and Science Parks
Moderator - Dr. Yim Deok Soon, Senior Research Fellow, Science and Technology Policy Institute
10:50~11:10 20` [Presentation 1] Innovation Ecosystems and the Circular Economy
- Mr. Bilal Topcu, General Manager, Teknopark Istanbul
11:10~11:30 20` [Presentation 2] The Development Direction of the Eco-Friendly Industrial Complex by Carbon Neutrality
- Dr. Lee Jung Chan, Research Fellow, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements
11:30~11:50 20` [Presentation 3] Global RE100 Trend and the Trend in Korea to Promote RE100 Industrial Complex
- Mr. Tomas Jung, Chairman, Korea RE100 Alliance
11:50~12:00 10` Q&A
Luncheon 12:00~13:30 90` Luncheon
Session 2 [Session 2] Social Responsibility of Science Parks
Moderator - Ms. Mozhgan Yazdianpour, Director, Isfahan Science & Technology Town
13:30~13:50 20` [Presentation 1] Innovation Destination at KAUST
- Mr. Nawaf Algain, Head, KAUST Research & Technology Park
13:50~14:10 20` [Presentation 2] Responsibility of Industrial Complexes Toward the Future “Industrial complex structure improvement project”
- Ms. Yu Hye Yeon, Director, KICOX
14:10~14:30 20` [Presentation 3] The Creation of an Innovation Ecosystem through Jeju Science Park and Its Significance
- Mr. James Kwak, Director General, JDC
14:30~14:40 10` Q&A
Break 14:40~14:50 10` Networking Break
Session 3 [Session 3] Changes in Working Environment of Science Parks
Moderator – Dr. Khongsak SRIKAEO, Director, Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University
14:50~15:05 15` [Presentation 1] Spearheading Technology Adoption in Malaysia: The Case of MTDC'S Centre of 9 Pillars(Co9P)
- Mr. Norhalim Yunus, CEO, Malaysian Technology Development Corporation(MTDC)
15:05~15:20 15` [Presentation 2] The Jolly Experiments of kakao and Its Response to the Changing Labor Environment
- Mr. Lee Jae Seung, Director, kakao
15:20~15:25 5` Q&A
Special Session [Special Session] Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Investment Assistance
15:25~15:40 15` Investment Environments and Incentives INVEST JEJU
- Mr. Hong Ho Jin, Director, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
Break 15:40~15:50 10` Networking Break
Session 4 [Session 4] New Technologies Related to Post-Corona
Moderator - Mr. Battogtokh Dorjgotov, Head of the Department,
Ministry of Education and Science of Mongolia
15:50~16:05 15` [Presentation 1] Building Post-Pandemic Resilience through Technological Innovation
- Ms. Watcharin Witthayaweerasak, General Manager, Thai-BISPA
16:05~16:20 15` [Presentation 2] Development plan for the Future Automobile Industry 2030 Roadmap of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province
- Dr. Kim Sang Gon, Director, Gyeongbuk Technopark
16:20~16:35 15` [Presentation 3] Industrial Metaverse
- Mr. Lee Keon Bok, Sr. Solution Specialist Manager, Microsoft
16:35~16:50 15` [Presentation 4] The Next Internet - Metaverse
- Mr. Richard Lee, CEO, Com2verse Inc.
16:50~17:00 10` Q&A
ASPA Awards 17:00~18:00 60` ASPA Awards Final Evaluation Amethyst
Hall (2F)
Break 17:00~18:00 60` Networking Break Convention
Hall (1F)
Closing Ceremony 18:00~19:30 90` ASPA Awards Ceremony,
Introduction of the 26th ASPA Annual Conference (2023) in Turkiye,
Closing Ceremony, Congratulatory Performance, Dinner
November 2nd : Field & Cultural Trip

10:00~10:30 30` Departure(Maison Glad Jeju → Semiyang Building) General
10:30~11:00 30` Route330 Observation
11:00~13:00 120` Movement & Luncheon
13:00~15:30 150` Cultural Trip (Sangumburi, Jeju Folk Village)
15:30~16:30 60` Arrival
※ This program is tentative, it may be updated later.