General Information

An Island loved by the sky and the sea, JEJU

Jeju Island is filled with the blue shining sea and fresh nature, and it is the best tourist destination in
Korea where you can enjoy everything from mountains, oreum, sea, and activities.

Public transportation information

Every region in Jeju has a bus stop, so there’s no place a city bus can’t reach for just KRW1,200. Express buses travel quickly through major stops between different regions. They usually stop at major tourist attractions and regions. The Express bus fares cost from KRW2,000 to 3,000. If you’re not inclined to rent
a car, the tourist shuttle is a great alternative. This efficient bus stops at key tourist attractions in the eastern and western regions of Jeju as well as
major Oreums. Tickets cost KRW 3,000 per adult for a 1-day pass for unlimited use throughout the day.

Taxi fare is KRW3,330 (standard medium-size) and you can use a taxi anywhere if you in outside of the city area, it is convenient to use the called
taxi or Kakao T(Mobile Taxi Call Platform) service.
Taxis are often used by tourists, so they are easy to ride in tourist attractions located in remote places.

Rent-a-car is the most popular transportation for Jeju travellers, you can see the very beautiful attractions around Jeju.
There are a lot of car rental companies. The rental pare and service are different by the company, so you must check thoroughly and select a company.
There is a shuttle bus stop at Jeju international airport, so you can move easily.
Please check your insurance and the car's condition before you take the car and enjoy your trip.


Autumn season of Jeju
Aside from the rain that falls in the early autumn, the air will be fresh and free of humidity.
We recommend that take a light jacket with you to prepare for the large daily temperature range. Enjoy the beautiful fall leaves in Jeju

Tourism information

Jeju is a world-class volcanic island created by volcanic activity for a long time. And Halla-san Mountain and Seongsan Ilchulbong besides oreums.
If you want relaxed travel, I recommend you go to the mountain or oreum to enjoy nature to the fullest.

Also, Jeju is surrounded by sea, so you can enjoy the emerald sea and the beautiful landscape of beaches.

In addition, you can relish various water sports such as surfing, snorkelling and kayaking and dynamic activity.
Especially parasailing you can fly in the sea has a beautiful view. It is increasing in popularity among people who enjoy water sports these days.

More information for visiting Jeju can be found at the Jeju Tourism Information Center (Tel: 064-740-6000) and the Visit Jeju website (the link below).