Mr. Tomas Jung

Chairman, Korea RE100 Alliance
Biography Session Topic
Korea RE100 Alliance(2021~ Present)
- Policies & Market Research
- RE100 Industrial Complex Support
- RE100 Consulting & Education Service

Korea Energy Convergence Association(2016~Present)
Founder & President
- New Energy Service Development
- Policy Research, Information, R&D Project

INI Industry Research(2014~2016)
Senior Vice President & Co-founder
- Business Development
- Conducting Consulting Project on Energy and IT Industry

SNE Research(2010~2014)
Senior Vice President & Co-founder
- Management Job(Finance, Human Resource,
- Consulting Projects for Government and Private Company
- Market Research focusing on PV, Battery, xEV, etc.

Director of Marketing and Business Development
- Sales and Marketing
- Seminar Coordination
- Website Operation

Researcher on Display Market
- Display Market Survey and Analysis
- Plasma Display and TV Market Survey and Analysis
Sales Manager, On-line Marketing and Sales – 1999 ~ 2003
- Monitor Evaluation and Marketing Agency for the Company through Website

Yonsei University(2014~2016)
Master Degree of Energy and Resources Engineering
University of Seoul(1989~1994)
Bachelor of Urban Planner, Department of Urban Engineering
M&A School by The Korea Economic Daily(2010)
Understanding Corporate Financial Data(Balance sheet, Income Sheet, etc)
Understanding on Restructuring & M&A for Corporate